The benefits of working at Altia Smart City

The benefits of working in Altia Smart City have attracted and retained thousands of people who work in these smart cities.

GK has been the pioneer corporation in the development of the technological sector in Honduras and other regions of Latin America, by offering high-quality services and infrastructure to international clients.

The company has been able to attract important clients in the financial, insurance and telecommunications sectors, thanks to its experience and skills in business process management, and the development of excellent quality facilities.

Internally, GK has invested significantly in the training and development of its personnel, which has allowed the company to have a highly qualified and specialized team. But above all, in the technological field, the company has developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure to guarantee the safety and efficiency of processes in spaces as disruptive as Altia Smart City Tegucigalpa, and Altia Smart City San Pedro Sula.

The projects they have developed in this sector have been responsible for attracting new industries to the country, generating strong foreign investment, new jobs, and in general positioning Honduras on the map as a world-class destination for outsourcing and advanced manufacturing.

Altia Smart City, an attractive place to work

Among the projects of the GK Real Estate business unit, is the development of the intelligent city Altia Smart City, which is the first of its kind in Latin America, and is designed for the IT, BPO, and ITO’s services industry. 

Under the global vision of its Chairman, Mohammad Yusuf Amdani, GK has been the most effective group in attracting brands and companies focused on Honduras technology. It currently generates more than 14,000 jobs through its two complexes in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Looking to the future, GK is already developing the 4th tower of Altia, the project with which it is intended to generate more than 2,500 direct jobs during 2023.

The ecosystem of these cities is based on creativity and sustainable innovation, which takes their clients’ businesses to another level. In addition, a 360 model has been developed, which leads companies to achieve high levels of global competitiveness, not only creating disruptive business models, but also contributing to society and the environment.

La Prensa shared some of the benefits obtained by people who work in one of the Altia Smart City complexes:

  1. Free transportation to and from work.
  2. Class A facilities, with access to recreational areas with games, music rooms, cafes, green areas, among others.
  3. Healthy breakfasts, lunches and even dinners for free.
  4. State-of-the-art technology that allows them to perform their tasks efficiently and innovatively.
  5. Access to the clinical psychology service offered by Altia Smart City.
  6. Discounts on entertainment, health, beauty and learning.

These benefits make working at Altia Smart City an experience like no other and people want to grow professionally in this place for longer!

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