Ways in which GK contributes to community nutrition

GK contributes to the nutrition of the community through different programs that provide food and health services.

The GK business group is recognized for its solidity and innovation, and has a broad presence in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. Some of its social initiatives focus on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #2 Zero Hunger, focused on improving people’s nutrition.

Nutrition and SDG 2 are crucial issues for the future of our world. Together these two elements are closely linked to achieving a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem for all.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that nutrition is essential for a healthy life. A balanced and nutritious diet can prevent a wide variety of diseases, including chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In addition, good nutrition is also essential for optimal brain and body development, which is essential for productive living.

On the other hand, SDG 2 is a global initiative that aims to eradicate hunger and ensure food security and nutrition for all. This goal seeks to improve the accessibility and availability of healthy food for all people, regardless of their place of residence or socioeconomic status. In addition, it also focuses on improving the quality of nutrition and reducing the incidence of diet-related diseases.

GK social initiatives that contribute to the nutrition of the community

GK Foundation has made efforts to impact as many people as possible on the subject of nutrition. Among the programs they have developed are:

School Meals and Nutritional Health

The GK School Snack and Nutritional Health Program has benefited more than 5,000 children and their families through its different initiatives.

Through the GK Foundation, 6 public schools in Spanish have been sponsored and they have invested in the transformation of 4 bilingual schools. Within this initiative, GK makes sure that the students of these educational centers have their balanced school meal and in the cases of schools in rural areas, the Incaparina supplement has been a nutritional reinforcement.

The GK Foundation Medical Staff has also implemented the Healthy Child Program, which aims to monitor the weight, height, dental health, hygiene habits of each infant. In addition, provide nutrition talks to mothers so that they include macronutrients in their family diet.

Feeding Hope

In Honduras, there are thousands of people who experience deprivations and needs. The pandemic and hurricanes have left many Hondurans homeless and without resources. For this reason, the GK companies and the GK Foundation have joined forces to create the Feeding Hope Program, through which they provide warm, nutritious and healthy food to people on the streets, benefiting more than 200,000 people, including the elderly, disabled, women and children.

Through these programs, GK contributes to people’s nutrition, which in turn favors the economic and social development of communities. In addition, by seeking to eradicate hunger and ensure food security and nutrition for all, it is possible to help reduce poverty and improve people’s quality of life.

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