GK applies the Nearshoring model to develop competitive and strategic advantages

GK applies the Nearshoring model along with the Customer Experience to have competitive advantages in its business strategy.

Nearshoring is an outsourcing strategy where a company transfers part of its production to third parties located in other countries, with the aim of reducing costs.

This business model can offer a series of benefits to companies, among which are:

  • Greater cultural and linguistic proximity, which can help companies avoid communication problems and improve the quality of services.

  • Offer greater flexibility in terms of working hours, which can allow companies to work in real time with their suppliers and customers.

  • Obtain greater profitability compared to outsourcing in distant countries, since transportation and communication costs are lower.

Nearshoring in Latin America has become an attractive option for many companies looking to outsource their business operations. Due to this, some countries in this region have become leaders in the provision of technological services, especially in the field of software development and mobile technology.

GK, a private multinational corporation whose core businesses and activities are found in five business units, has harnessed the geographic advantages of nearshoring in Latin America and transformed them into competitive and strategic advantages.

Through its 2020-2022 Sustainability Report, GK shares the opportunities for the North American markets that Central American countries, and particularly Honduras, have.

a) Shorter flight times
b) Faster adaptation processes
c) Greater participation through a similar culture
d) Better infrastructure than other options (offshore)
e) Lower costs and higher quality

GK’s business model

Since its creation, GK has focused on the social and economic development of the country through an export model of services and products that promotes sustainable growth based on business competitiveness, the generation of formal employment and the integration of the productive chain. That is why it has added to its Nearshoring model, its Customer Experience approach, which demonstrates its commitment to the safety and well-being of the client, and it extends throughout the project cycle.

In the industrial areas and buildings, GK is characterized by its closeness and accompaniment to the client. This goes from the first contact to the delivery of the spaces and the attention corresponding to each of your requirements. These efforts have allowed the corporation to guarantee solid, long-term relationships that facilitate customer retention.

The corporation has highly trained professional teams and duly certified as specialists in Customer Experience. In addition, all the staff is continuously trained to maintain a high quality service.

Thanks to the way in which GK applies the Nearshoring model together with the Customer Experience, the corporation has been able to have significant growth that has led it to stand out as a leader in the region.

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