Mohammad Yusuf Amdani believes that a good company should benefit citizens

A good company should benefit citizens through different social responsibility programs focused on health, education and the environment.

A couple of years ago, Mohammad Yusuf Amdani, CEO of GK, one of the most solid and innovative groups in the region, shared his opinion on what social responsibility means to him and how his company works, through an interview conducted by Strategy & Business Magazine.

“I feel that when a company is successful or located in a community, not only the employees or collaborators of the company, but also the community and the citizens have to be benefited.” Yusuf commented.

It is due to this vision that the company has developed different social programs that are based on the axes of environment, education and health, which have been maintained and have grown over the years. Thanks to this, GK has received multiple recognitions for being a Socially Responsible Corporation, by permanently and sustainably executing projects with great social impact in the world, and in Honduras for more than 30 years they have benefited thousands of people and contributed to the growth in the areas where they operate.

Through its 2020-2022 Sustainability Report, GK has shared the impact that its projects have had on society through the GK Foundation.

“We take our role as a developer of the country and a contributor to our society very seriously, for which we have made an effort to implement a global strategy with a differentiated social proposal that seeks, to the extent of our possibilities, to be a response to the problems and deficiencies of our areas of influence.”- Georgina Barahona, Director of the Foundation.


Among the projects that are included in this axis are health fairs for employees and their families, medical brigades for neighboring communities, free psychological care, and its Amar y Compartir Medical Clinic. This clinic was inaugurated in 2013 with the purpose of strengthening care in the Outpatient Clinic of the Official Hospital Dr. Mario Catarino Rivas in San Pedro Sula. They also remodeled the facilities, and proceeded to hire medical and nursing professionals.


GK’s actions in the area of Education include support for 6 public schools in Spanish, the transformation of 4 100% bilingual centers, and the EduGK Program, which benefits the corporation’s employees and also people from the community to complete their primary and secondary studies.


GK has sought to permanently educate people from neighboring communities, adults and children who, through special campaigns and training, are made aware of the importance of taking care of the environment in which they live from their homes. In addition, the foundation has developed campaigns for reforestation and caring for nature, which has helped raise awareness and generate a spirit of responsibility.

Based on the different examples of social responsibility projects that GK has developed, how else do you think a good company should benefit citizens?

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