Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub Achieves 98% Customer Experience Score

Having a positive customer experience score is very important for the image and success of any type of business.

GK is a private multinational corporation whose core businesses and activities are in five business units: real estate, textiles, lifestyle, technology, and agriculture. The impact of its different projects has managed to position the organization as one of the most solid and innovative groups in the region.

Mohammad Yusuf Amdani assured through the Sustainability Report 2020-2022, that what moves and makes GK prosper is its transparent operation model, which is attached to the highest values. The values that drive the company are continuous innovation, sustainable solutions, influential leadership and global business development.

In addition, one of its most valuable principles is its commitment to customer safety and well-being, which is why it has developed practices and strategies that seek to improve both aspects. This has allowed the company to guarantee solid, long-term relationships that have facilitated the retention of its clients.

Some of its strategies regarding the well-being of the client are:

  • Have highly trained professional teams and duly certified as specialists in Customer Experience.
  • Continuous training of all staff to maintain a high quality service.
  • Develop the “We are at your service” training program, which focuses on the pillars of safety, courtesy, excellence, trust, and accessibility, with the purpose of developing a collaborative team that is passionate about customers.
  • Transition from a culture of customer service to a culture based on Customer Experience.
  • Use of the SRM (Service Request Management) tool, which is designed to mitigate the impact of risks, efficiently responding to the requests of its clients through communication by email, telephone, complaint books and apps, among others.
  • Use of the Customer Experience map to guide the training of employees with methodologies that generate positive impacts on all users or visitors who have contact with the company.

Being able to measure the results of the customer experience is also a key aspect for the evaluation of GK operations. The 2020-2022 Sustainability Report shares one of the evaluations carried out at the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, an innovative campus that connects forward-thinking companies in key industries with markets around the world.

The evaluations demonstrate the opinion of the clients when evaluating the aspects of maintenance, safety and occupational health, and the maintenance of the green areas. The aspect evaluated with the highest level of satisfaction was the respectful and friendly treatment of the security team, which obtained a score of 98%.

This value was very close to the aspects regarding both the assistance of the maintenance and the green areas teams, obtaining a total of 96%. These costumer experience score reflect the efforts that GK has made to improve the customer experience, which is an important part of the corporation’s success.

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