History of Grupo Karim’s

Our Story

Grupo Karim’s is one of the most solid and innovative groups in the Central American region. It started in Pakistan 40 years ago and in Honduras in 1991. Today Grupo Karim’s is a private multinational corporation whose main businesses and activities are in the textile and manufacturing sector and in the real estate development sector. The group stands out in all its pioneering and innovative projects that offer unique services and promote an environment of environmental sustainability, work and a better quality of life, contributing to the development of the regions where they operate.

In the Real Estate Development Division: Grupo Karim’s has a portfolio of completed projects in the industrial, commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors that stand out for an excellent combination of architecture, style and world-class environment.

In the textile sector, Grupo Karim’s has vertically integrated operations, covering all facets of the supply chain, starting with yarn, textile manufacturing of diverse and innovative types of fabrics, manufacturing, printing and packaging with integrated logistics for delivery and distribution of products to its customers in the USA and different parts of the world.


The purpose that differentiates Grupo Karim’s

It is a corporation that recognizes its clients as strategic partners. Rate the resource
human as its most important resource and is distinguished by having a culture of service that allows it to achieve its goal, always exceeding expectations.

It distinguishes itself from other companies by the implementation of its fundamental values in all the activities carried out: Excellence in Customer Service, Innovation, Building Relationships, Professional Growth and Development and Social Responsibility.


Our global presence:

In the Textile and Manufacturing Division, our operations are divided into:


Honduras spinning Mills: it is a spinning mill with a production capacity of
cotton yarn, and blends with polyester.

• Pride Yarn: it is the largest spinning operation in the region, distributing a
variety of cotton and synthetic yarns.

Pride Chemicals: a leading company dedicated to the formulation and production of chemicals special to be used in textile processes.

Pride Manufacturing: is a manufacturing company with the ability to sew
different garments and offer products in modalities as a complete package and
cutting / sewing and screen printing plant with extensive knowledge of the latest techniques in beautification and packaging.


  • Nicaragua Spinning Mills: It is a spinning mill with a production capacity of open end threads and blends and fancy threads.


  • Karim Textiles: a manufacturing company located in the state of Campeche, with a production capacity of a variety of products for the United States and Canada.
  • AMMAR Apparel: Manufacturing company in the city of Calkini. It has one of the most advanced technologies in terms of the manufacturing process and has its own cutting and storage area.
  • South East Manufacturing Company: manufacturing company located in Campeche with the capacity to produce medical uniforms and sportswear.


• Lucky Knits: It is a plant with vertical operations in manufacturing, equipped with
Slave, Santex and Tubetex machinery; it also has cutting and confection plants.
United States

• American Textile & Apparel: specializes in the manufacture of labels on garments of

In Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and the United Arab Emirates

• We have a yarn and chemical distribution center and sales offices.

In the Real Estate Development Division our operations are divided into:

• Green Valley Industrial Park: The largest industrial park in the region. This modern
Industrial development has brought together advanced manufacturing and light assembly industries. Strategically located in the industrial corridor of the Naco Valley.

• Altia Smart City San Pedro Sula: First smart city in the region developed
to integrate different components such as:

o Altia Business Park: Business technology park designed to host
the main IT companies, BPO’s, ITO’s, as well as corporate offices
o Rec-Zen: Unique recreational center with modern facilities to relax,
learn and create.
o Altara LifeStyle Center: unique, innovative and modern of the latest fashion stores,
restaurants, cinemas, gym, financial area and the prestigious Hotel Courtyard by

• Altia Smart City Tegucigalpa:

o Altia Technology Park: Business technology park designed to host
of the main IT companies, BPO’s, ITO’s, as well as corporate offices.

• Merendon Hills: located on the slopes of the Merendón mountain in San Pedro Sula.
This luxurious residential complex has been designed to create a perfect balance between
nature and urban life.


• Consortium of Campeche: a consortium whose main activity is the construction of ships

• Campeche Industrial Park: it is a unique industrial park that offers turnkey solutions in
hand that benefits from an exceptional location and accessibility in Campeche.

• Ocean View Hotel: a business hotel located in the city of Campeche five
minutes from the historic center.

• Campeche Hills: exclusive residential complex located in one of the highest areas
of the city, capturing the essence of natural beauty and the elegance of life

• Altia Forest City Cancun: incorporates all the concepts of Altia Smart City and will focus
in creating a truly sustainable lifestyle and ecological footprint within the Cancun city. The first of its kind, this city will be completely self-sufficient on an urban scale with zero carbon emissions and a target of environmental reversal.

United Arab Emirates

  • Altia Residences: is a residential project in Dubai Silicon Oasis in the Industrial area of the city. The residences are equipped with various amenities for their residents to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle.


Grupo Karim's
Altia Smart City in San Pedro Sula.


A committed Group

Grupo Karim’s is a socially responsible corporation that promotes, with the help of its strategic partners and collaborators, various areas of the communities in which it operates such as: public education, health, and care for the environment through the Foundation Karim’s Group.

Health: Ensuring a healthy life and promoting well-being for all

The health of employees and their families is a priority, for that reason Health Fairs, Medical and Dental Brigades are held in communities of all the companies in all the countries we operate. Thousands of people are served each year in various parts of the world.

The Group continuously donates medical equipment and hospital supplies. In addition to contributing outpatient and inpatient medications, as well as drug treatments
chemotherapy, among others. Since the pandemic began, the focus has been on
donation of biosafety equipment and medicines for hospitals, organizations
humanitarian workers, and people in the communities where they work.

More than 700,000 masks and food bags have been donated to communities in Mexico, Honduras, Pakistan, and the United States. Its presence in the health field is focused on each region through:

● Amar y Compartir Medical Clinic, in Honduras.
● Childlife Foundation, in Pakistan.
● UHI Clinic, in the United States.
● CME Oncology Center, in Mexico.

Education-Generating Future

Grupo Karim’s understands that education is one of the pillars of human development, and with this in mind, it does everything possible to pay to meet different educational objectives. Providing quality educational opportunities will always be a permanent effort of the Group.

The lives of thousands of children have already been transformed with financial support to various schools in Karachi, Pakistan, Yucatan, Kalkini, Campeche, San Pedro Sula, Naco, and Santa Bárbara, in Honduras. The company enjoys deep satisfaction at having the opportunity to change children’s lives and positively impact their development.
Some of the objectives of this strategy are:

● The construction and remodeling of school classrooms.
● General improvements in school infrastructure.
● Provision of materials and equipment.
● Teacher pay in remote areas.
● Scholarships in private colleges and universities for outstanding students.
● Sponsorship of innovative and technological projects.
● Adult education in neighboring communities
● Training projects, development, and career plans for employees

The Group is also concerned about the academic development of its employees, and affects it through the educational assistance provided by the EduKarim’s program, which is
focuses on recognizing the value of employees by supporting their basic education and helping them achieve professional and academic growth.


Signature of alliance between Grupo Karim’s Foundation and the Honduran Government.


Environment- Green Culture is a priority

Responsibility with the environment is one of the approaches to sustainability in which the company faithfully believes. We educate all our neighboring communities, adults, and children, with environmental talks and actions to take care of the environment. Internally, all our operations are respectful with the environment, with actions in Campaigns and Projects such as:

● Zero Waste or Zero Waste Policy.

● Wastewater treatment facilities.

● Automated construction system.

● “LED lighting for sites” system.

● High efficiency systems in: Control of heat, steam, air conditioning, and solar energy generation.

In addition, Green Valley Industrial Park, the company has been recognized with the certification of environmental management ISO 14001: 2015. This standard guarantees that the company works in a proactively to achieve the highest possible standards of health, safety, and environmental protection.

Awards and distinctions – Our Achievements

The Group is distinguished by being friendly to the environment, making it the recipient of various awards and certifications, such as the ISO 14001 certification, delivered in 2010 to the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, which encourages and promotes environmental management in Latin America.

For its part, Altia Business Park has been designed to be certified with the LEED seal,
awarded by the United States Green Building Council, translating into a
significant savings in energy consumption.

Grupo Karim’s has also been awarded the Great Place to Work certification,
recognizing its approach and contribution to human resources, making it one of the
top employers in the region.