The benefits of the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub Decarbonization Plan

Having a decarbonization plan is essential for companies, as it allows them to adapt to changing market conditions and public expectations regarding the environment.

Global warming and climate change are increasingly relevant problems, and for this reason organizations must be aware of their impact on the environment and take measures to reduce it.

With this in mind, the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub Decarbonization Plan, an integral part of the real estate portfolio of GK, the leading multinational company in the textile, real estate, technology, agriculture and lifestyle industries, seeks to reduce by up to 60% the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub is considered the most technologically advanced and greenest eco-industrial development in the region. This is thanks to its first-class infrastructure, which has systems that promote energy efficiency and power generation, along with a water treatment plant and a solar plant.

This project is located in Quimistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras, and offers qualified labor that generates more than 12,000 jobs in the area. In addition, it has 220 local and foreign suppliers, so companies that manage to appear in the Fortune 500 are already established in this space.

The impact of the decarbonization plan of Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub

GK’s projects have grown over time, which is why the group has begun to strengthen its carbon footprint reduction strategy through the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub Decarbonization Plan.

The expectation is that the plan will contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses by up to 60% in the next three years. This will be done through different mitigation actions:

  • Solar generation, reducing the impact by 25%
  • Steam processes (10%)
  • Other cogeneration processes (10%)
  • Recycling operations (5%)
  • Reforestation actions (3%)
  • Conversion to Led luminaires (5%)
  • Other initiatives in the conversion to dual fuel use (2%)

Other actions of Environmental Sustainability

Energy Use

The Hub’s private above-ground solar generation plant is the largest in Central America, it has a capacity of 14.6 Megawatts, and produces 26 GWh per year. It uses a tracker system to obtain the highest possible efficiency by following the path of the sun and providing more than 70% of the park’s energy consumption during peak hours.

Water Use

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub has its own treatment plant with a processing capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day. Through this plant they are able filter 100% of the water used in the park before returning it to the environment.

Reuse of resources

90% of the waste from the Hub’s administrative operation is recycled, and they hope to reach 100% by 2025.


In 2021, the goal of planting three trees was set for each employee who works at the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, with which it is expected to reach the planting of at least 400,000 trees by the year 2025.

The Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub decarbonization plan has allowed GK to have the lowest environmental footprint per employee in the Honduran business system. This favors not only the reduction of the impact of its operations, but also the well-being of the communities in the region.

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