GK Foundation and its interest in the population’s health and education

GK Foundation has developed different initiatives that ensure the development and well-being of communities.

GK is an expert corporation in Real Estate, Textiles, Lifestyle, Technology and Agriculture, with a presence in different Latin American countries that has been benefiting thousands of people for more than 50 years.

After achieving a solid Social Investment Strategy and a strengthened Corporate Volunteering, in 2012 the GK Foundation was institutionalized, through which a greater potential for sustainable growth is promoted for the communities and families with which the corporation works.

For Mohammad Yusuf Amdani, Chairman of GK, the well-being of communities, employees and their families is the cornerstone of the region’s development. For this reason, since the foundation, solid projects focused on Health, Education, Nutrition and Environment are executed, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations Organization (UNDP). These projects have impacted countries such as Honduras, Mexico, the United States, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh.

SDG 3: Health and Well-being

The Amar y Compartir Clinic functions as the Outpatient Clinic of the Dr. Mario Catarino Rivas Public Hospital in San Pedro Sula. The purpose of it is:

  • Decongest the Hospital Emergency Room.
  • Strengthen the attention received by people from the entire north coast and the rest of the country a daily basis.
  • Remodel the facilities, equipping them with air conditioning and everything necessary.
  • Hire professional medical and nursing staff from the GK Foundation, who provide care under the direction of a GK Medical Coordinator and as a team with the Head of the Hospital’s Outpatient Clinic.

Thanks to this project, more than 200,000 patients between men, women and children have been treated free of charge with GK funds. In addition, GK Health Fairs have also been held for employees and their families, and Medical Brigades for neighboring communities.

This has allowed more than 1,500 people to be served per year and more than 3,500 due to the respective programs.

SDG 4: Quality education

GK has sponsored 6 Official Schools in Spanish, sponsoring more than 5,000 girls and boys.

They provide permanent support in different areas:

  • Classrooms’ Construction and remodeling.
  • Construction of perimeter walls for security.
  • Maintenance and improvements in the general infrastructure of schools.
  • Construction of bathrooms and periodic cleaning of septic tanks.
  • Assurance of water in their facilities.
  • Payment of exclusive teachers.
  • Provision of required materials and equipment.
  • Talks and training for students and parents on issues of improvement and habits of physical and psycho-emotional well-being.

In addition, the transformation of four 100% Bilingual Public Schools (English – Spanish) has been achieved, investing more than US $1,000,000.00 in infrastructure, teacher payment, purchase of technological devices, texts, and educational materials for face-to-face/virtual education.

Thanks to this, a system has been consolidated that gives students the opportunity to receive a first-world education, in classrooms with all the necessary equipment and 100% bilingual teachers, all members of the GK Foundation Educational Staff.

Through the GK Foundation, GK has been able to manage and strengthen its social arm, from a perspective where sustainability is one of its fundamental values, with which it has been able to generate opportunities and change people’s lives.

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