Excellence, Belonging and Innovation: the three key focuses for GK’s business

GK’s business have grown and stood out thanks to the values and work environment that the company offers its employees.

GK is a private multinational corporation that has excelled in its projects by being a pioneer in innovation and commitment, through which it offers unique services and promotes an environment of environmental sustainability, work, and a better quality of life.

GK is present in 9 countries on different continents: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. This presence is manifested through its different business units: Real Estate, Textiles, Lifestyle, Technology and Agriculture.

Part of their success is based on the way they work and their organizational culture. In fact, the company has participated in the ranking of Great Places to Work® since 2011, and in 2022, it stood out in the category of companies with 100 to 1,000 employees, reaching the 9th position in Honduras, and 10th in all of Latin America.

Business strategy

According to the 2021-2022 Sustainability Report, the three key approaches on which GK runs its business are Excellence, Belonging and Innovation. These values are what make the organization a great place to work.


GK encourages excellence through training and growth programs for all, and they have created an environment where this is the rule rather than the exception. In addition, it encourages each employee to maximize all of their soft skills, and focuses on the importance of building solid relationships.


All GK benefits are designed to positively impact the employee and their family. Thanks to this most of the employees have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of employment, which maintains a range between 59% and 65% job stability.

This aspect allows the organization to monitor the comprehensive well-being of its employees, focused on health and retention, which leads to creating an environment of belonging where each employee feels proud of their work, committed, and motivated to achieve their objectives and those of the company.


For GK, the issue of education and development is very important, which is why it ensures that each of its employees is constantly updated and trained. For this reason, the EduGK project was created, which allows employees not only to finish their basic and secondary education, but also to prepare to go to the University.

The monitoring of their human capital is carried out continuously to ensure that they can opt for different promotions, and that they develop their career within the organization.

The aforementioned approaches are key to the success of GK’s business, since they foster the motivation and happiness of employees, which is transmitted to the development of the company and its clients.

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