GK will invest US $236 million to create 7,000 jobs in Honduras

GK will invest US $236 million in some of its Real Estate and Textile projects to generate a greater number of jobs in Honduras.

Mohammad Yusuf Amdani, Chairman and founder of GK, announced that the company will invest up to 236 million dollars in its different business units in Honduras, which will generate around 7,000 direct jobs in the country. This investment will be channeled through its Altia Smart City, Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, and textile division projects.

According to Bloomberg, Amdani stated that Honduras has a unique opportunity to create jobs in the northern triangle of Central America, and that is why they hope to become an example for other companies to invest in the country.

“We constantly challenge ourselves to make a real positive impact while positioning ourselves as a strong and passionate leader in innovation, technology and sustainability.” Amdani commented.

Among the projects underway are the construction of Tower 4 in Altia Business Park, the restart of the executive hotel, and the development of a solar project, as well as the expansion of the power plant in Green Valley.

GK Featured Projects

GK’s projects have been responsible for attracting new industries to the country, generating strong foreign investment, new jobs, and positioning Honduras on the map as a world-class destination for outsourcing and advanced manufacturing businesses.

Altia Smart City

Altia Smart City is a technology-driven hub and is specifically designed to focus on high-tech and innovative development for BPO, ITO and other outsourcing industries looking to reshape the future. It is located in San Pedro Sula, and is made up of six components: offices, lifestyle center, recreation center, university campus, executive hotel, and residences.

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub is the largest and most modern industrial development in the region, serving a variety of sectors including high-end manufacturing, light assembly, food processing, and life sciences. It is without a doubt the most technologically advanced and ecological eco-industrial development in Central America.

Its first-class infrastructure includes systems that promote energy efficiency, power generation, a water treatment plant, and the largest solar plant in Central America. In addition to having the ISO14001 environmental certification.


Within GK’s Textiles Division, its operations in Honduras Spinning Mills and Northern Spinning Mills stand out, plants in which they have invested more than 110 million dollars and which currently produce more than 62 million pounds of yarn per year. Together with Northern Textiles, a fabric producer, they maintain a capital investment of close to 46 million dollars, with an impact on the creation of 2,000 direct jobs.

Thanks to this large investment by GK in its different projects, many Hondurans will have new and better job opportunities that will help them improve their quality of life.

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