Mohammad Yusuf Amdani believes in the important role that GK plays in sustainable development

GK’s focus on sustainable development has led the corporation to position itself as a leading group in the region.

GK is a private multinational corporation present in different countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. It is considered one of the most solid and innovative groups in the region thanks to the different projects it has developed through its five business units: real estate, textiles, lifestyle, technology, and agriculture.

Its growth and success has been the result of its business strategy focused on excellence, belonging and innovation. In addition, its model has sought to promote sustainable growth based on business and country competitiveness, the generation of formal employment and the integration of the productive chain to this economic activity.

GK’s priority in sustainable development

Sustainable development is the basis of GK’s management, which is why its operations are carried out with responsible business behavior, always seeking the benefit of its stakeholders, and providing them with more and better opportunities. At the recent inauguration of Northern Textiles, a vertically integrated textile mill belonging to the GK Textile Division, Mohammad Yusuf Amdani, CEO of the corporation, shared his views on the company’s sustainable vision:

“In Green Valley we currently generate more than 12,000 direct jobs and we expect to exceed 15,000 direct jobs by the end of this year. I have reason to be optimistic about the future and about the important role that GK plays in helping and creating sustainable developments that achieve positive economic, environmental and social change in Honduras.” Mohammad Yusuf Amdani commented in a press release.

Located within the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub eco-industrial park, Northern Textiles is designed to compete with world-class supply chain infrastructures. The sustainable fabric solutions it offers have the ability to compete with the modern supply chain challenges facing the Western Hemisphere today.

Leaders in sustainable textile production

Northern Textiles has joined the production of fabrics together with Spinning Mills and Northern Spinning Mills, with which it maintains the capital investment of about 46 million dollars, and an impact in the creation of 2,000 direct jobs.

In accordance with the GK 2020-2022 Sustainability Report, the business model of the textile division was born from the vision of creating an inclusive, diverse, responsible and sustainable future for all its associates, local communities and stakeholders. That is why his proposal is based on being responsible in four aspects:

  • Competitive prices
  • Market speed
  • Fast developments
  • Transparent supply chains.

Northern Textiles has the latest technology to produce, control and deliver in its first phase: Knitted fabric, dyed and finished, of the highest quality cotton and polyester. In addition, its traceability model allows it to track the origins of all your materials and supplies from start to finish throughout their supply chain, from cotton to garment, transparency and social responsibility.

This is just one of the projects that demonstrate the priority that GK has in sustainable development through its business units. In 2023, GK will continue its commitment to drive positive impact through its continued investments.

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