GK’s role in the growth of the chemical industry in Central America

GK has favored the growth of the chemical industry in Central America through its different business units.

The work of the chemical industry is crucial for the different facets of productive life such as: agriculture, food, hygiene and even transport. In recent decades, this industry has experienced tremendous growth in Central America thanks to its geographical location, its skilled workforce, and its adequate infrastructure for the production and export of chemical products.

According to analysts from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) since 1990, Honduras has been one of the Central American countries where the chemical industry has the greatest significance. In this country, a wide diversity of chemical products is handled for all sectors, ranging from textiles, mining, cosmetics, detergents, and industrial chemicals in general. Although still developing, the Honduran chemical industry is dynamic and still has great growth potential.

One of the factors that has driven the growth of the industry in this country is the growing investment that the sector has had. The honduran government has implemented fiscal and commercial incentive policies to attract foreign and national investment in the chemical industry. Additionally, many international chemical companies have established operations in Honduras to take advantage of the skilled workforce, strategic geographic location, and incentive policies.

GK’s investment in Honduras

GK, a leading company in the region, has been one of the main contributors to the growth of the chemical industry in Honduras thanks to its Textile Division, which includes Pride Chemicals, a leading brand dedicated to the formulation and production of special chemicals to be used in different textile processes.

In addition, the projects that have been carried out through its five business units have made it one of the most solid and innovative groups in the region.

  1. Real Estate: GK’s real estate development division has developed unique, sustainable and innovative projects, and they are oriented towards the creation of intelligent ecosystems for global companies dedicated to manufacturing, and advanced technology to establish their operations in Honduras and the Latin American region.
  2. Textiles: GK Textiles is a distinctive division, with vertically integrated services; a regional resource and supplier of fiber and yarns. Their projects cover all facets of the supply chain, from yarn services to dyeing, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery and packaging.
  3. Lifestyle: This division specializes in developing unique destinations and creating inspiring lifestyle experiences, including retail and hospitality.
  4. Technology: Seeks to promote technological innovation, entrepreneurs and IT talent through investments and smart developments; all carefully designed to promote technological advancement within a digital world context.
  5. Agriculture: GK implements key initiatives in its agriculture businesses to ensure long-term economic growth, social well-being, health, safety and the management of natural resources, generating a positive impact on the environment.

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