Inauguration of “Northern Textiles” a textile company based on sustainable production

The recent inauguration of “Northern Textiles” has led GK to maintain a capital investment of USD$46 million.

GK, a private multinational corporation, a leader in sustainable growth, present in countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States, inaugurated its new company “Northern Textiles” on Thursday, February 2, 2023 in Quimistán, Santa Bárbara, Honduras. This company is part of the textile division of the organization and is one of the four projects that began in 2022 with an investment of 146 million dollars.

Northern Textiles is a vertically integrated textile mill, designed to compete with world-class supply chain infrastructures. By providing a transparent supply chain, obtained from a responsible source from fiber to fabric, this company offers sustainable fabric solutions to compete with modern supply chain challenges facing the Western Hemisphere today.

One of its strategic partners is Next Level Apparel of the United States, a design innovator, industry leader, and premier provider of premium apparel. Northern Textiles supplies 100% US cotton fabrics through a regional supply chain using GK Textiles’ vertical operations from fiber, yarn, textile and apparel.

“For Northern Textiles, sustainability is present in everything we do. Our vision is in our sustainable production, collaboration with the client, traceability where we can trace the origins of all our materials and inputs from start to finish throughout our supply chain from cotton to garment, transparency and social responsibility. .” Commented Arshad Amdani, CEO of GK TEXTILES, in a press release shared by GK.

GK: Leading Sustainable Growth

The GK textile division seeks to move towards the production of sustainable yarn and fabrics based on three types of essential models, casual and sports, which are characterized by being antimicrobial, resistant to moisture and stains. In this approach, the division has focused on working with a Circular Economy where the transformation of its production lines stands out, towards high-generation recycled fiber technology.

Within the division, the operations in Honduras Spinning Mills and Northern Spinning Mills also stand out, plants in which the corporation has invested more than 110 million dollars and which currently produce more than 62 million pounds of yarn per year. Adding Northern Textiles, the division maintains a capital investment of around 46 million dollars, with an impact on the creation of 2,000 direct jobs.

The projects carried out since 2022 in the GK textile division have allowed the corporation to continue with its commitment to promote positive impact through its different investments. In fact, thanks to the development of these projects, together with those that have been carried out both at GK Real Estate and at AltiaTek at GK Technology, they have made possible the generation of 7,000 new direct jobs that added to the already 21,862 currently generated, they optimize the potential of their companies to create prosperity and bring about a positive social impact.

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