GK is part of the large companies in Central America

GK is part of the large companies in Central America presented by Estrategia & Negocios Magazine’s Ranking of Large Companies.

Central America is a region rich in natural resources and skilled labor, which makes it an attractive destination for business investment. In this region, there are several companies that have managed to consolidate themselves as leaders in their respective sectors, and that have contributed significantly to the economic growth of the region.

Among these companies is GK, a multinational corporation specializing in textiles, modern real estate development, technology, agriculture and lifestyle solutions. GK is a leader in sustainable growth, seeking to support communities, and to make a positive impact around the world.

Estrategia & Negocios Magazine presented the Ranking of Large Companies, the only regional report that analyzes the performance of large companies operating in the region based on public information and direct efforts. The purpose of this report is to present the state of the organizations that operate in the region, not only of their activity, but of their performance in key factors such as employment and expansion.

The E&N Intelligence Unit analyzed the behavior of a universe of 170 companies, which made it possible to identify the Leaders by revenue, Large employers in the region, Sector Leaders, Large companies in the financial sector, and Leaders of expansion.

In the list of Large Employers in Central America, GK is in third place with 27,000 jobs as of December 2021. In fact, according to the GK 2020-2022 Sustainability Report, four indirect jobs are generated for each direct job, which represents a total of 108,000 indirect jobs.

Thanks to these job opportunities, GK has managed to position itself as a growth engine in Honduras’ five main development poles.

The impact of GK job opportunities in the region

For GK, job creation also represents the development of a career that each employee can opt for. For this reason, its strategy includes incentives and benefits for their personal and professional progress.

In addition, the Corporate Human Resources Department works daily to implement fair and growth strategies for those who are part of the corporation. Thanks to this, staff turnover is 1.5%, which is the lowest in the productive sector to which they belong.

All these efforts help to avoid the risk of both desertion and irregular emigration. In fact, thanks to the alignment of financial objectives with the generation of employment and human development, GK’s economic activity prevents approximately 59,601 people from emigrating irregularly to the United States of America.

The study, carried out by the firm Franklin Rideau Potomac Group, recognized that in GK’s new investments, for every 5,000 new jobs created, the emigration of an average of 15,000 Hondurans, 17,000 Guatemalans and 10,000 Salvadorans is avoided. This means that for every job generated by GK, the emigration of at least 11 people from the Central American northern triangle would be avoided.

The businesses that GK has developed have led the corporation to consolidate itself as a leader in the region thanks to its capacity for innovation, its commitment to quality and safety, and its ability to adapt to market changes. This company has not only contributed to the economic growth of the region, but has also generated jobs and improved the quality of life in the communities in which it operates.

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