Mohammad Yusuf Amdani: Innovative executive leader changing the professional landscape of Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala

Mohammad Yusuf Amdani has made a positive impact in the region through the businesses developed by GK throughout the years.

33 years have passed since Mohammad Yusuf Amdani decided to move to Honduras, the country where he developed GK, one of the most solid and innovative groups in the region. Mohammad’s visionary and pioneering character led him to identify an opportunity in Honduras and found his first textile-related company in 1991, which he called Pride Manufacturing.

Over time, the company grew and became GK, a private multinational corporation whose main businesses and activities are found in five business units:

  • Real estate
  • Textiles
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Agriculture

Mohammad was not satisfied with promoting change only in Honduras, and decided to expand to other countries such as Pakistan, Dubai, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

The sustainable leadership of Mohammad Yusuf Amdani

Sustainability is the basis of GK’s management, it operates with responsible business behavior, always seeking the benefit of its stakeholders, since its main focus is to develop people, connect with them and provide them with more and better opportunities. Thanks to this vision, the corporation has managed to generate a positive impact both economically, socially and environmentally.

“We are here today thanks to over 11,000 team members, incredible CEOs and the entire management team. We believe in GK’s philosophy that companies should not only provide their employees with opportunities to improve their lives, but should also positively impact the communities and countries in which they operate.” Mohammad commented through his LinkedIn profile.

The investment that GK has made in its people, in the environment, and in the communities, has led it to achieve strong growth and recognition. In fact, the corporation obtained certification for zero waste management at the Green Valley advanced manufacturing center in 2022, and was also included in the Top 10 LATAM “Great Place to Work” list.

According to the GK Sustainability Report 2021-2022, what makes the organization a great place to work are the three key focuses in its business strategy: excellence, belonging and innovation. This has been fostered through training and growth programs for all, where each employee is encouraged to maximize all their abilities, and to focus on the importance of building solid relationships.

In addition to seeking the well-being of his employees, Mr. Amdani has sought to benefit the communities in which his businesses operate through high-impact social and educational programs. In addition, he continues to actively participate in the development of new business ventures with future project developments in Latin America, and maintains his main effort focused on education, health, and employment in Honduras, Mexico, and Latin America, through the Foundation GK.

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