GK’s investment prevents approximately 59,601 people from immigrating to the US

GK’s investment in the creation of new jobs has benefited thousands of families around the Central American northern triangle.

The massive migration of people from Latin American countries to the United States has been a persistent problem for decades. Creating employment in their home countries is an effective way to address this problem in the long term.

GK, the leading company in the textile, real estate, technology, agriculture and lifestyle industries, is a growth engine in the five main development hubs of Honduras. According to its 2021-2022 Sustainability Report, for each new job created in GK, up to 11 people are prevented from migrating to the United States and other countries.

This value was determined through a study carried out by the firm Franklin Rideau Potomac Group, which confirmed that for every 5,000 new jobs created by GK, the emigration of an average of 15,000 Hondurans, 17,000 Guatemalans and 10,000 Salvadorans is avoided. This leads to an approximate figure of 59,601 people from the Central American northern triangle.

Aligning financial objectives with job creation and human development is one of GK’s strategic objectives. That is why the employment model that they have proposed also includes the hiring of returnees, which in some cases reaches 35% of the operations in BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing) businesses, associated with the company. To this initiative must be added all the actions to generate stability and integral well-being of each collaborator and their clients, added to the growth achieved by all its suppliers.

Why is job creation important to avoid migration to other countries?

Job creation is essential to reduce migration to the United States and is an important step toward a more sustainable and promising future for Latin American countries. Some of the reasons why this type of investment is necessary are:

  1. It provides people with a viable economic alternative and allows them to have a more stable and secure life at home. Many people immigrate to the United States in search of better economic opportunities, and by providing jobs in their home countries, it gives them the chance to prosper and grow professionally without having to leave their homes and families.

  2. It helps to strengthen the economy of the country of origin. By providing jobs, local production is encouraged and opportunities are created for the creation of new businesses and the expansion of existing ones. This, in turn, contributes to the economic growth and development of the country of origin, which can improve the quality of life of the population and reduce the need to emigrate.

  3. It contributes to the reduction of poverty and inequality in the country of origin. By providing decent and well-paid jobs, people’s quality of life is improved and they are given greater economic security. This can have a positive impact on reducing poverty and inequality, and fostering a more equitable and just society.

Thanks to GK’s investment in the creation of new jobs, not only have thousands of families benefited, but it has also placed the corporation within the Top 10 of the ranking of Best Companies to Work for in Latin America according to Great Place to Work 2022.

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