Why is it important for companies to develop a sustainability report?

When companies develop a sustainability report they can present a detailed and transparent record of the impact it has to society.

Sustainability has become an increasingly relevant issue in the business world. Businesses have a key role in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices, and must be responsible in terms of the impact they have on the planet and on society.

It is for this reason that it has become essential for companies to develop a sustainability report that allows them to measure, evaluate and communicate their performance in this regard. In addition, it allows them to make visible and public the effort and resources that the company has invested in social responsibility.

This report is based on an exhaustive evaluation of the environmental, social and economic impacts that the company has generated in its activity, as well as the identification of risks and opportunities related to sustainability. According to Docunecta, some of the main advantages that developing a sustainability report brings to a business are:

  • Improves internal communication and the feeling of belonging of employees with the company.
  • Identifies risks earlier, allowing them to take action on the matter.
  • Promotes the image and reputation of the company.
  • Differentiates the company from the competition before potential investors.

An example of this is the Sustainability Report developed by GK, which is a private multinational corporation that has excelled in its business in countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and the United States. Its 2020-2022 Sustainability Report presents the progress of the organization from its origins to the present, referring to four of its main business units in Honduras such as Real Estate, Textiles, Lifestyle and Technology.

Among the advances they present are the following:

Economic impact

  • US $236 million in investments in progress.
  • It has positioned itself as a leader in BPO and BTS businesses, and as the economic and social engine of the main development poles in Honduras.

Environmental impact

  • 60% of the installed energy capacity in its operations comes from renewable sources.
  • 90% of its waste in administrative operations is recycled and it expects to reach 100% by 2025.
  • They’ve been responsible for the production and planting of more than 100 thousand trees.

Social impact

  • Creation of more than 27,000 direct jobs, and 108,000 indirect ones. With a staff turnover of 1.5%.
  • Assistance to more than 5,000 children in its sponsored schools, with 585 children receiving bilingual education.
  • Attention to more than 200 thousand people through its health projects, and more than 200,000 people benefited from the Alimentando Esperanza project.

This sustainability report has allowed GK to identify the risks and opportunities associated with its activity, take measures to reduce them, and communicate its sustainability performance in a transparent and credible manner.

Like GK, it is important that companies integrate sustainability into their business strategy and develop a sustainability report as part of their responsible business practices.

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