GK among the best places to work in Latin America

GK is among the best places to work in Latin America according to an evaluation carried out by Great Place to Work.

Professionals are looking to work not only for outstanding companies, but also for those that offer a pleasant culture, benefits, and opportunities. Great Place To Work has prepared the list of The Best Places to Work 2022, based on trust and respect, care for the well-being of employees, and effective leadership of companies.

This analysis was prepared through anonymous and confidential interviews with collaborators. It is a unique methodology that has been carried out for 20 years in more than 60 countries around the world.

In recent years, the world has gone through different challenges that have affected the way companies work, among which are the pandemic, inflation, or the effects of the war in Ukraine. According to GPTW research, the organizations that are best prepared to deal with these issues are those that invest the most in their employees.

The ranking of the Best Places to Work in Latin America 2022 belongs to the following categories:

  • 31% Financial Services and Insurance
  • 14% Information Technology
  • 10% Manufacturing and Production
  • 7% Professional Services
  • 5% Real Estate
  • 4% Biotechnology and Pharmacy
  • 28% Others

Among the 2,006 companies that participated in the assessment, 125 made it to the ranking because average employee scores were 8% better than those of other competing organizations, and 35% better than the average workplace.

These were divided into three categories according to the number of collaborators:

  1. Multinationals (with a presence in at least three Latin American countries, and with at least 1,000 employees)
  2. Large companies (more than 500 employees)
  3. Small and medium-sized companies (from 10 to 499 employees)

GK, one of the best companies to work at

GK managed to position itself in the list of the category of small and medium-sized companies, thanks to the results that the organization obtained in its evaluation by its employees.

This company is one of the most solid and innovative in the Central American region, being an expert in leading sustainable growth, supporting communities, and generating a positive impact in the communities in which it operates.

Currently, GK has a presence in 9 countries on two continents through 5 business units that cover operations in: the textile industry, industrial real estate, technology, agriculture and lifestyle.

Through its projects, it has not only managed to have an economic impact of US $236 million in investments in execution, but also an environmental and social impact thanks to its different initiatives.

Among its core corporate values are:

  • Professional development
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Responsibility and Community Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Customer experience that exceeds expectations

All these efforts have succeeded in positioning GK not only as a company that has created cutting-edge businesses, but also as one of the best organizations to work for in the region.

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