Why you should have your office space in a Business Park

The location of an office is a fundamental component for a prosperous company culture, since today’s employees are looking not only for a company whose values ​​represent them, but they also require a pleasant space in which to carry out their activities.

Modern businesses try to foster a culture of productivity, finding the balance between what we require in a job and the space in which we operate.

The type of office environment can have a great impact on the daily productivity of employees, as well as on the logistics of a company and its activities, it is too important. There is the notion, not entirely correct, that business parks are traditionally used as expansive spaces divided into zones for manufacturing or heavy industrial use, but are actually ideal sites for more traditional offices.

What you may have in mind is an industrial park, an entirely different concept. A business park is actually an area of ​​land where several office buildings are grouped together. All work done is commercial, not industrial or residential.

One of the best examples of this labor structure in Honduras is Altia Business Park located in San Pedro Sula, owned by GK, the most solid and innovative textile and real estate group in the Central American region, with presence in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States.

At Altia Business Park, design and performance are mixed to obtain the greatest possible comforts and thus generate an incomparable work experience. Altia’s focus on sustainable development ensures that its buildings are more energy efficient, generating less pollution and more comfort – all that is needed in a modern workplace culture.

It also offers a great advantage for industries such as BPO or ITO, given its location in Honduras and its proximity to the Anglo-Saxon markets, as well as a very competitive cost and a solid legal framework. At Altia, investment is guaranteed the security and continuity of business relationships in an optimal space for a company’s activity to take place.


The advantages of having your office in a business park

The most visible benefits of an office space located in a business park are how affordable it is, and the technology it provides. In general, it is usually less expensive than the typical commercial office, since commercial expenses are minimized by concentrating the business park all the necessary infrastructure within its own facilities.

Business parks also offer expanding businesses the advantage of transforming their environment into functional and comfortable workspaces, while keeping those rental costs lower. The concentration of companies also reduces the costs of common maintenance services that would be high in another location.

As far as technological progress is concerned, in Altia Business Park for example, all office spaces have technological infrastructure for telecommunications and high-speed information transmission through a fiber optic network. In addition to providing private access through a closed permanent surveillance circuit, and triple secure access to the park and its buildings. Something that might have to be added to the “extra” expense item in a different location.

Thus, a business park will provide business owners with instant credibility, presence within the local community, greater convenience, and great flexibility in expanding their offices.


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