GK: Innovative and sustainable solutions that transform different industries

In the business world, growth is a synonym of innovation. Companies that want to stay and stand out in the market must always be looking for niches and innovations that differentiate them from the competition.

Focused on making a difference in different industries through innovation, GK, one of the most solid and disruptive private multinational corporations in the Central American region, has a presence in nine countries, located on two continents, where it operates through five business units serving different markets.

These divisions are organized as follows:

Real estate

The vision of this business unit is to develop unique, sustainable, and innovative projects that stand out for their excellence in design, infrastructure, amenities, functionality, and efficiency.

These projects have attracted new industries to Honduras, generating an increase in foreign direct investment, new jobs, and positioning the country as a world-class destination for outsourcing and advanced manufacturing businesses.

Featured projects

  • Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, considered the most technologically advanced and greenest eco-industrial development in the region.
  • Altia Smart City, the first of its kind in Latin America, designed for the IT service industry, BPOs and ITOs, and which houses important companies worldwide.


GK’s textile division has established itself as one of the most renowned companies in the CAFTA region. It is characterized by its innovation and customer service orientation, as well as a long history since its origins in Pakistan more than 50 years ago.

Among its outstanding projects are the Honduras Spinning Mills and Nicaragua Spinning Mills, plants that currently produce more than 62 million pounds of yarn per year, and with an impact on the creation of 2,000 direct jobs. Next 2023, a third spinning plant Northern Spinning will be added to their spinning operations. 


The Lifestyle division specializes in developing unique destinations and creating inspiring lifestyle experiences. Among its projects is ALTARA, a Lifestyle Center where people can access a variety of services, to meet the immediate needs of the working population of Altia Smart City and the residents of the northwest area of ​​the city of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras.


This division seeks to promote technological innovation, boost high-tech entrepreneurs and IT talent through smart investments and developments.

Featured projects:

  • Adapt: ​​Venture Capital firm focused on investing in innovative early-stage companies in the United States and the Latin American region.
  • AltiaTekl: Global provider of IT services under the GK Technology division that will become a sustainable partner for companies seeking to achieve their digitization and sustainable transformation goals through the potential of technological solutions.


Agro-business initiatives seek to have sustainable growth, through which it is intended to take care of the processes to ensure social well-being, health, safety, and good management of natural resources.

Among these outstanding projects is Palma Real del Sureste, an agricultural area developed in Campeche, Mexico, dedicated to the planting, cultivation, processing and marketing of African palm oil.

Through its business units, GK seeks to become the most influential leader in global corporate solutions, as well as making a difference in people’s lives, both nationally and internationally.

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