The advantages of having a recreational environment within your workspace

No matter how big or small a company is, employees are its greatest asset. The businessman Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has said it well: “Customers don’t come first, employees come first, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.”

Without a team of collaborators a business would cease to exist, therefore it is very important to keep the team happy and content in the workplace. Some of the world’s leading organizations believe in making work fun, and one way to ensure that is by creating a recreational area for employees.

This will improve productivity and reduce the churn rate within any organization, which will ultimately benefit the performance of the business. GK, a leader in the Central American textile industry for more than 20 years, with presence in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States, is a faithful believer of this. For that reason, at Altia Smart City we have created a recreational space for the employees of the companies that have entrusted our space.


The RecZen of Altia Smart City

Altia’s recreational center is an exclusive space for those employees who want to relax, have fun, and be creative in modern and elegant facilities, which provide a friendly and comfortable facility to rest, have fun, or complement work activities in a more relaxed environment.

Nestled between our towers, our two-story building with four outdoor terraces also offers a spacious, modern cafeteria and coffee area, as well as a variety of options for employees. The shared atmosphere in the center is totally unprecedented in Honduras.

In addition to the 4 terraces, the RecZen is the symbol of what makes Altia a unique concept. Access to RecZen is available to all employees, residents, and business owners within Altia.


The advantages of a recreational environment


A recreational environment can alleviate work stress

In a traditional office, employees must overcome stressful situations with just their effort and some patience. However, in a recreational space, with some games, or simply an area to relax and have tea or coffee, it could have a considerable impact on the performance of the employees, as it serves to take the mind “out” of the office unnecessarily. to abandon it.


A recreational space is capable of unleashing creativity

If employees are stuck in their cubicle all day, their productivity is likely to decrease. Human beings need to move and have fun, as that is the only way to unleash creativity in the workplace. When the work environment and furniture is fun, it gives the brain a boost to think differently and come up with innovative ideas.


A recreational space can help improve teamwork

Many of today’s jobs involve teamwork rather than acting alone. And while this is often a good thing, sometimes egos soar, people have conflicting views on a specific project, or new hires enter the scene, and the dynamics of the company change.

One of the most effective ways to increase the trust and cooperation of the workforce is to create a recreational environment within the office where they can live together, and attend events not related to the work they do. A comfortable and alternative space to the office will do the trick.


A recreational space creates a healthy work culture

A recreational environment within the office has the power to enhance the work culture within an organization. A comfortable and fun space is conducive to helping break the ice between employees and leaders, as games or fun within the office foster horizontal leadership, which positively impacts productivity.


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